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Properties Receiving Direct Flood Benefits

In 1980, 1,200 landowners in the flood hazard zone of the Chippewa Creek channel were identified as receiving direct flood protection from a system of eight dams within the Subdistrict. During the appraisal of benefits, a group of economists evaluated the degree of flood protection for each property and utilized a staged benefit curve to assign benefits. With benefits quantified, assessments were then levied on each landowner at the rate of 2 percent of the appraised benefit.

An engineering study conducted in 1997 determined the need for a readjustment of the appraisal of benefits. In 1998, the Board of Directors of the Muskingum Watershed Conservancy District determined that a material change in the values of the property in the Subdistrict had occurred and that additional benefits were being derived from the works and improvements of the Subdistrict. While it was established that the direct benefit had increased four times due to inflation, the new suggested assessment rate was reduced from 2 percent of the appraised benefit to 0.5 percent. This results in a direct benefit assessment that is identical to the assessment in 1980.

Properties Receiving Indirect Flood Benefits

All properties in Medina and Wayne Counties lying within the legal boundaries of the Chippewa Subdistrict receive indirect flood benefits.

Indirect benefits are appraised by using the county auditor's appraised value of a parcel and multiplying it by 2 percent. The assessment is then computed by multiplying that benefit by 0.5 percent.

  • A parcel appraised at $100,000 by the county auditor's office would have that figure multiplied by 2 percent, resulting in a benefit of $2,000. This figure then would be multiplied by 0.5 percent, providing an assessment of $10 per year.
  • A property or home valued at $150,000 per year would pay an assessment of $15 per year and a property or home valued at $50,000 would pay an assessment of $5 per year.
  • According to state law, the minimum assessment to be collected is $2. Therefore, all properties with an appraised value of $10,000 or less would pay an assessment of $2 per year.