History | Memorium

Many individuals dedicated their time and hard work to improve the quality of life of their community.

Chippewa Subdistrict

History | Memorium

Memorial funds donated to the Medina County Park District by family and friends of Thomas B. Jones, P.E., were utilized to design and construct an educational kiosk in honor of Tom.

The kiosk, located at the northeast end of the Hubbard Valley Dam illustrates the history of the Chippewa Subdistrict and its primary function of providing flood protection within the Chippewa watershed in Medina and Wayne Counties.

Tom Jones, along with many other individuals, dedicated his time, hard work, community service and knowledge to help improve the quality of life of residents within the watershed.

Tom was a project engineer for the Chippewa Flood Control Project as an employee of the Soil Conservation Service for thirty years during which time the idea of the project was developed and implemented.

After his retirement, he continued his work and dedication to maintaining and improving the functionality of this valuable flood protection project until January 2005 when he lost his courageous battle with cancer.