Flood Control

The Chippewa Subdistrict was established in 1960 for the purpose of reducing flooding and periods of inundation.

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Flood Control


The Chippewa Subdistrict of the MWCD was established in 1960 to manage and maintain the Chippewa Flood Control Project for the purpose of reducing flooding and periods of inundation.

Our goal is to efficiently and effectively manage this flood control system while encouraging the wise use of our watershed and its natural resources.

The construction of the dams and modifications to Chippewa Creek and its tributaries through the Chippewa Watershed Project were funded through a federal program. Funding for the ongoing maintenance of the creek channel, flood control structures, banks and berms comes from an assessment of local land owners in the Chippewa Subdistrict.

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What's New

Ohio Safety Dam Requirements

A substantial effort was made in 2018 to ensure that all 8 of the Chippewa Flood Control Dams meet current Ohio Dam Safety requirements. In recent years, the Standards for dams such as ours, have been raised by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources – Dam Safety. Our dams have been analyzed, and must demonstrate that they can safely pass larger storm events, compared to their original design.

Reestablished Berms

Maintenance berms alongside nearly the entire 33 miles of Channel provide us the access to perform channel inspections, periodic mowing, and the maintenance/replacement of pipes. Most of our maintenance berms are mowed annually, while others still require attention. In addition, year-round access to our 8 Dams is required for debris cleanup and inspections. In 2018, roughly 3/4 mile of access lanes and maintenance berms were improved.