What's NEW

A substantial effort continued in 2017 to accelerate the maintenance program for the Chippewa Flood Control Project. The 2009/10 inventory of our 33 miles of Channel indicated that more than 400 pipe structures (typically culverts) are in need of replacement. These pipes were original to the Project, and have exceeded their expected lifespan of roughly 25 years. Current assessment dollars provide the funds to address many more pipes than was possible in the past. This year 7 pipe structures were replaced with much more durable HDP plastic pipe, with the work occurring in Reach CC05. The cost to replace these pipes, including the restoration of access points, was roughly $50,000.

Maintenance berms alongside nearly the entire 33 miles of Channel provide us the access to perform channel inspections, periodic mowing, and the maintenance/replacement of pipes. Some of our maintenance berms are mowed annually, while others have not received sufficient attention. In 2017 nearly 1 mile of channel had projects to reestablish the berm.


Structure II-A Dam Improvement
To comply with Ohio Dam Safety new requirements, the top of the dam was raised roughly one foot.

Channel Maintenance
Vegetation management is key to preserving channel capacity for flow, and for providing access for maintenance activities along the 33 miles of channel that we are responsible for.

CCO5 LB Structure Replacement
Seven pipe structures were replaced and two improved between Porr and Coal Bank Rds.

Structure III-A Drainage Improvement

To improve a wet area along the toe of the Dam at Hubbard Valley, approximately 1640 feet of field tile has been installed.

Plugging Varmint Holes
Abandoned groundhog holes were filled with grout at six dams.

Emergency Action Plans, Operation & Management Plans Approved
Ohio Dam Safety this year has approved EAPs and O&Ms for Dams VIII-C and VII-C.

StormLink Instrumentation at Dam VII-C

Instruments have been installed at our first dam in order to measure rainfall and monitor water levels in the flood pool.