Property Values

Property values can be adversely impacted by floods because of the damage they cause to homes, businesses and properties.

Communities along waterways have experienced damage from flooding and the negative economic impact that it inflicts. Additionally, residents and business owners are faced with expensive cleanup and repair costs. Potential real estate buyers are less likely to purchase property and business owners are less likely to locate in areas prone to periodic flooding.

To see how floods have devastated this region in the last century, visit the HISTORY section.

Flood Control

The Chippewa Flood Control System will not eliminate flooding, but rather the system reduces both the area of flood inundation as well as the length of time that some properties may be inundated. This photo shows flood water exceeding the banks of the Chippewa Creek and spilling onto the flood plain. Normally, the waterline is 8 feet below the road. In less than 24 hours after the storm had passed, the road was dry and creek flow was within its banks because of the drainage features installed as part of the Flood Control System. To see more recent flooding, visit the section on storm events. To understand why our region is so prone to flooding, visit the section on regional rainfall.

Your property assessment
is essential to maintaining the Chippewa Flood Control System. By providing adequate funding to maintain the system, we are able to take a proactive role in the maintenance of our shared investment. This is an investment that helps to preserve the property value of your home and the safety and stability of our communities.