Maintenance of the flood control system consists of two parts:

1. Channels must be able to move stormwater runoff quickly and safely.

2. Dams must be able to hold back, store and release flood waters safely.

To accomplish this, the channels must be clear of obstructions caused by bank erosion, bank slips, and accumulation of debris. The sides and banks of the channels must be kept clear of woody growth that impedes flow and tends to jam, block and damage the culverts, catch-basins, and gate structures.

Dam spillways and mechanisms must be kept clear of debris and be repaired and maintained to be able to function at maximum efficiency.

In 1997, an engineering study of the project estimated that $309,000 per year would provide needed maintenance on the channels and dams and return the project to its original condition, allowing it to provide the basic flood control protection for which it was designed. A current engineering estimate has increased that need to $350,000 per year.

Your property assessment is essential to maintaining this system of flood control for our community. By providing adequate funding to maintain the system, we are able to take a proactive role in the maintenance of our shared investment.

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