In evaluating past and current conditions in the Chippewa Subdistrict, it was determined that due to inflation, and increased costs for maintaining and repairing the flood control system, revised appraisals needed to be made.

Without additional revenue, the Subdistrict would not be able to provide adequate short-term maintenance of the flood control system and also ensure long-term viability.

It was determined that it was most equitable for all properties lying within the boundaries of the Subdistrict to contribute to the maintenance costs, since all properties benefit.

The revised appraisals distinguish between those properties that benefit both directly and indirectly, and those that benefit only indirectly.

The original methods used in determining the appraisal for the directly benefited properties in the original appraisal record was found to remain valid and appropriate, although the original, unadjusted benefits for those who indirectly benefit were found to be grossly underestimated relative to current economic conditions.

A separate inflationary adjustment to these original appraisals was determined to be the most reasonable and appropriate means of correction to the original appraisal record. This was coupled with an indirect benefit appraisal applicable to all properties within the Chippewa Subdistrict.

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