Continued Growth

With increasing expansion of urban and residential areas, there is diminished amount of ground, soil and vegetative cover to absorb rainfall. More pavement, roofs, and parking lots mean less absorption and more runoff.

This diminished ability results in greater stormwater volumes and velocities which are passed along to the flood control system.

Our area is enhanced with a well maintained, efficiently operating flood control system. Property assessments are essential to maintaining this flood control system by providing necessary funding. This enables us to take a proactive role in the maintenance of our shared investment.

Business and residential districts are better protected from periodic flooding. Any area prone to flooding is less likely to be considered for new companies to locate. Additionally, any local company may reconsider their expansion plans if flood control is not part of the region's planning and development future.

Your property assessment is a valuable investment that preserves the property value of your home, business and the safety and stability of your community.

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